Back pain, neck pain? Could these be trigger point issues? Let’s yoga it out!

As this video by Michiel Akkerman beautifully illustrates, many pains in the upper back and between the shoulder blades are a result of “trigger points”. Some of the chronic conditions caused by trigger points include frozen shoulder, muscle spasms, chronic neck stiffness and migraine. This video shows how people could treat trigger points themselves. The example given here is self-massage using a ball agains the wall.
Yoga is another effective way of dealing with trigger points on your own. Certain yoga asanas performed with appropriate breathing techniques help stretch the muscles affecting trigger points. Practicing these asanas regularly dissolves the knots.
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Stay Young Smoothie

Boys and girls! Sharing my ‘Stay Young Smoothie’ recipe with a short time-lapse video.

One Mango,
Pokchoy/kale (two bunches),
two bananas,
Spirulina powder (a pinch),
blue berries
and walnut kernels.
Blend until smooth.
Top it up with coconut powder, enjoy!

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