World Yoga Day with Zubin Atré

22fir23-1_647_062215011644“Your successful or failed attempts on the mat while trying various yoga poses help you become more acceptable of your triumphs and failures in life,” says yoga expert Zubin Atré. With each attempt you get better at the mind-body coordination, which makes decision-making easier. “It also teaches ‘energy management’ – the bigger the role, more energy one requires,” says Atré. Click on the link for article .


yoga_625x350_61434726676According to Zubin Atré, Founder, AtréYoga Studio, “Yoga offers multiple health benefits. It is instrumental in energy management. It keeps our energy levels up and balanced. It also helps in improving breath quality, lowering stress and cortisol levels, helping you maintain peace. Consequently, even your inter-personal relationships and communication improves. Physically, you feel more flexible, stronger and gain stamina. In a nutshell, you feel like a superhuman. Click on the link for article.



On the occasion of World Yoga Day, Zubin Atré and his students talk about the benefits of yoga. Meanwhile another yoga practitioner discusses the reservations some Muslims have towards the growing promotion of yoga in India. As someone who finds in yoga a source of beneficial knowledge, he sees no conflict between yoga and Islam.

Here is the interview in French


A number of Diplomats celebrated World Yoga Day and have a positive outlook towards practicing it with many more. Click here for story.


Interview with Radio France

Recently Zubin Atré had an interview with Sébastien Farcis from Radio France, where another practitioner Sara Zennaro also talked about the benefits of yoga in helping with her rheumatoid arthritis.

Here is the interview in French:

YOGA_EN_INDE (Yoga in India)

A brief summary in English: Farcis describes the yoga class taking place in Defence Colony. Speaking to one of the students, Farcis reveals how she found her arthritis gradually abated as she practised yoga.

Narendra Modi is convinced, meanwhile, of the benefits of yoga, and has successfully lobbied for an International Day for Yoga. For the millions of employees sat in front of computers, yoga is definitely a beneficial practice, but Zubin Atré says that rather than being a Hindu practice it is something far more universal, like gravity.