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Zubin Atré

Professional Yoga Coach

About Zubin

Zubin is the founder of AtréYoga, a precise science aligning body, mind, and breath. A sports yoga specialist, Zubin is also a yoga author of the book ‘It takes two to Yoga.

What he does

Zubin Atré designs exclusive programs to meet learners’ specific needs. Distilling more than 10,000 hours of yoga teaching experience, Zubin applies physical conditioning and meditation techniques to help you achieve targeted goals.


Based out of Delhi & Tokyo, Zubin travels to national and international destinations to work on on-site sports and science projects, and for yoga retreats.


Sports Yoga

With his sound a scientific approach to biomechanics and meditation, Zubin Atré trains premier athletes in mastering the tripod of body, breath, and mind. He also designs  yoga asanas specific to sports like diving, climbing, shooting, trekking, and more.


Retreats provide yoga practitioners of all levels an opportunity to deepen their practice and make lifelong memories and friends from around the world. AtréYoga retreats are a wholesome balance of relaxation and targeted improvement of your yoga learning.


At AtréYoga Studio, Zubin presents yoga through creative and unique collaborations. Our signature workshops include Biomechanics of the Sun Salutation, Partner Yoga, Yoga on Keys, and Sitar Yoga. Look out for more interesting workshops coming up here.

Yoga Classes

AtréYoga is where yoga is for everyone. There are no levels and no competition, and learners perform asanas to their own ability. Class sizes at AtréYoga Studio are typically small (8 learners) so that everyone receives individual adjustments to their asanas.


Zubin Atré practises his own style of yoga, AtréYoga.

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